I changed my psybnc password and now I can't login!

Easy way: SSH into the shell and type psy-pass and psy-info.

Another option is to open a ticket in the support system requesting a psybnc reset and we will reply with psy-pass and psy-info

Hard way: Login to the shell account with SSH

kill the currently running psybnc process by typing ps -x to find the PID#

then kill -9 PID

cd psybnc

pico -w psybnc.conf and edit the following line

USER1.USER.PASS==(encrypted stuff) by putting an unencrypted password in and take out one of the = signs making it look like - USER1.USER.PASS=mysecretpass

restart your psybnc by typing ./psybnc in the psybnc directory

psybnc will re-encrypt the password when it restarts.

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