How do I setup psybnc to use multiple networks at the same time?

The first thing you need to do is add in another network:
/addnetwork [name] --- adds in a network with the name you specify. Keep in mind that network names are case-sensitive. You'll be typing the name a lot, so if you're adding in dalnet, use an abbreviation such as dal or dn or something similar.

Once you have the network added, you need to choose your vhost for that network:
/bvhost [network]'[vhost] --- sets your vhost on the network you specify.

The next step is to add servers:
/addserver [network]'[ircserver]:[port] --- adds a server and port to the new network.

All commands are prefixed with the [network]' as follows:
/join dn'#xzibition --- joins #xzibition on network dn.
/msg dn'nickname hello --- sends the message "hello" to the user nickname on network dn.

Miscellaneous Commands
/bconnect [network]' --- connects you to the network you specify (assuming you have servers added for that network)
/bquit [network]' --- quits you from that network. You'll still be connected to your primary network. Note, if you do /bquit, you'll be quitted from all your networks.
/switchnet [new network] :[current network] --- This command will let you switch your primary network. By doing this, you won't have to prefix all your commands with the 'net syntax.

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