Why am I seeing "Permission Denied" when the bot is trying to connect to IRC?

This "Permission Denied" message indicates you need to set a vhost or there is a problem with the vhost you are trying to use. 

type 'vhosts' or 'vhosts6' from SSH to see a list of hosts available for use. 

You can also see a list via our website by http://<servername>.xzibition.com ; replace <servername> with the Xzibition server you are using. 

set my-hostname and set my-ip: you'll need to set one or both of these. 
The my-hostname setting is the vhost, e.g. pizza-eatin.biz, while my-ip is the IP address of the vhost, e.g.
I recommend you set both these options. 

To report an issue with a VHost, contact us via opening a ticket in the support system or emailing support@xibition.com
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