A file looks corrupted after server was rebooted

We have backups and can restore the file, just open a ticket or email letting us know the filename and when the file changed. 

Also - 
# Enable this setting if you want your Eggdrop to die upon receiving a SIGTERM
set die-on-sigterm 0
It would help if you changed this setting to 1 so it can be cleanly shutdown.
SIGTERM is sent to processes during reboot.

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Why do I get permission denied when doing make?

If you are getting permission denied when you try to compile a program, try to just 'cd .'...

Where can I find information on configuring my eggdrop?

http://www.egghelp.org/setup.htm but you can skip the first 8 steps by typing get-egg from SSH.  

How do I install an eggdrop bot?

The easiest way is to SSH into your shell and type 'get-egg' to install the latest eggdrop...

My eggdrop is not responding

There are a few ways to access it.First try  "/dcc chat BOTNICK"If that does not work...